"Jordan" by Richard T. Slone

Detail of the 'Jordan' Painting

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"Jordan" Michael Jordan
Image size: 30” x 40”
Original Painting; Acrylic and enamel on Canvas; signed by the artist.

Status of Original: SOLD

Multi-award winning artist Richard T. Slone has completed his latest painting, a unique action painting of iconic sports legend, Michael Jordan.

The acrylic and enamel masterpiece is 30 inches by 40 inches and masterfully done to pay homage to one of the greatest athletes in history.

After watching numerous hours of video and seeing hundreds of reference photos Slone composed the Jordan peice with Michael on the verge on yet another dunk, highly focus flying through the air in typical 'Air Jordan' style. The medley of colors create a balance and energy that is typical in Slone’s paintings. The painting portrays supremacy, Jordan is clearly above the rim. Their is a battle with the choice of colors and lines, yet Slone nails the look and feel of classic Jordan in his Chicago Bulls #23 kit.. 'Jordan' is a real sports painting, a must have addition to Slone's sports art portfolilo.

This is the first time that Slone has painted Michael Jordan. “I've always had great admiration for Michael Jordan” said Slone, “He was amazing and seems to defy gravity, he jumped at the same time as everyone else, yet seemed to stay in the air longer. He is a legend and what I tried to portray in the painting is the detirmination in which he goes to the hoop. Nobody is stopping this dunk". Slone is nominated for 2008 Sports Artist of the Year.

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